The wide receiver also claimed he was misunderstood

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cheap nfl jerseys Then these existing stigmas makes things worse. People to not make fun of such ailments, the actor adds, mazak mein bolte hai, pagal hai, tujhe depression hai kya!? It sometimes does affect the other person. It okay to feel a certain way. One of the posts contained a quote that Farrakhan attributed to Hitler, despite the dubious origin of the actual passage.The post featured anti Semitic rhetoric that accused Jews of trying to “blackmail America.”Jackson shared the Hitler attributed quote again on Monday with an updated message claiming that he “has no hatred in my heart” following a backlash to his initial post. The wide receiver also claimed he was misunderstood, despite again quoting the former Nazi party leader.”Anyone who feels I have hate towards the Jewish community took my post the wrong way,” Jackson said in the follow up Instagram post.Instead of apologizing for the quote, Jackson further summarized his points by highlighting a specific paragraph from the passage.Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson clarifies his stance on controversial Instagram posts that used quotes attributed to Adolf Cheap Jerseys from china Hitler.Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson further clarifies his social media posts with anti Semitic quotes.Instead of initially denouncing the hateful rhetoric in the passage attributed to Hitler by Farrakhan, who has compared Jewish people to “termites” in the past, Jackson seemingly doubled down on backing the Nation of Islam leader. Jackson even called Farrakhan “powerful” in one of his posts. cheap nfl jerseys

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