The “doomsday” beliefs of Mr Daybell and Ms Vallow

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wholesale jerseys from china APIdaho Police have shared shocking details of unearthing the remains of ‘Doomsday Mom’ Lori Vallow Daybell’s two children, who had been missing for months prior to their discovery.Rexburg Police Detective Ray Hermosillo gave the chilling testimony in a preliminary hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to hold her husband Chad Daybell for trial.Mr Daybell and the children’s mother, Ms Vallow Daybell, face charges related to allegedly concealing the remains of 17 year old Tylee Ryan and seven year old Joshua “JJ” Vallow. Both have pleaded not guilty.The “doomsday” beliefs of Mr Daybell and Ms Vallow Daybell and the suspicious deaths of their former spouses have drawn global attention to the tragic case.Det Hermosillo said JJ’s body was found beneath fresh earth, under which were three large white flat rocks in a row and then a piece of wood panelling.He said the body was buried in a black plastic bag covered in duct tape and when the body was taken to the medical examiner’s office investigators later discovered the boy’s head was covered with a white plastic garbage bag that was also wrapped with duct tape.JJ’s wrists and ankles were also bound with duct tape, according to the detective, and more duct tape was said to have bound together the boy’s forearms over his chest.Det Hermosillo also testified that Tylee’s body was found a short distance away and that there was evidence her remains appeared to have been burned.The official identification of the remains of the children and charging of Mr Daybell is the latest grim turn in a long case that began with the disappearance of the two children in late 2019.Mr Daybell ran a small publishing company and wrote fiction books about apocalyptic scenarios loosely based on the theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Neither the couple nor their lawyers have spoken publicly about the case.Additional reporting by The.Read more Human remains found in Idaho home confirmed as missing childrenNavy ‘investigating’ video of dogs attacking man in Kaepernick jerseyTrump contradicts White House experts on hydroxychloroquineFBI seek Yellowstone photos in hunt for children of ‘doomsday cultist’Lori Vallow: Husband cornered and quizzed about missing childrenYahoo NewsPoll gives Democrats bad news in key Senate raceRepublican Montana Sen wholesale jerseys from china.

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