Rfs brings monaro grass fire under control

Rfs brings monaro grass fire under control. More

It took five years to eradicate grass fires in the eastern New South Wales plains. But once it has hit the forests, “we are getting rid of them,” Mr Smith said.

By the time the grass fires were stopped in 2012, about 95 per cent of the fire risk had been dealt with, Mr Smith said.대구 출장 안마 The government plans to bring monaro grass fire to just under 30 per cent of the land it has cleared so far, up from the current fi안마gure of just over 40 per cent of the 1,200 hectares.

Mr Smith 양산출장샵said the government was investing billions of dollars in research and development to develop fire suppression technology.

“The question you’ve got to ask is, if all that’s successful, why are we still so slow to do the right thing?” he asked.

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