Power sharing deal struck in n ireland with n agrement of unionists is an ‘historic agreement’

Power sharing deal struck in n ireland with n agrement of unionists is an ‘historic agreement’

Union leaders have confirmed that they had reached an “historic agreement” with the British government and called on the Scottish and Welsh governments to allow a referendum on independence in their respective regions.

The union’s leader, Mike Nesbitt, said in the immediate aftermath of talks with the English devolved바카라 사이트 administrations that the terms of the agreement were “historic”.

The Scottish Government and Westminster Government had not “firmed positions” with the government of Northern Ireland, it was said, but they had not yet decided whether an agreement should be implemented in the future.

“We have reached an historic agreement with the government of Northern Ireland and they have confirmed that we will not make any further decisions until the agreement is signed off between their government and the Scottish government, which has signed off in principle. The agreement, we understand, was historic,” he told journalists.

The deal would see the two administrations agree in principle a Scottish referendum before May next year – if the Irish referendum fails, there would then be an agreement to hold an in/out poll.

It would not include the potential for independence to be part of any such in/out poll, but the terms of the agreement will be binding, Mr Nesbitt said.

He said union leaders were not at all prepared to go any further than such an announcement before the vote.

In a separate development, the First Minister, Alex Salmond, warned that if voters back independence, as he has suggested, a similar 수원출장샵 수원출장안마deal could take place “within days”.

“I’m quite confident that what comes after the referendum and even in the weeks following that, we will have a historic agreement that will be signed off by the devolved governments of Scotland an스웨 디시d England,” Mr Salmond told BBC Scotland.

“I can tell you in the interests of democracy, we’ve not signed anything yet, we haven’t made a commitment or anything, we’re simply asking people to support us by making their voice heard at the ballot box.

“If they vote Yes, we could potentially have an agreement that would take place within a matter of days.

“There’s going to be a democratic challenge before us.”

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has also said that a referendum could take place as early as this winter.

In April the DUP and the Ulster Unionist party agreed a deal that would see the Northern Irish party holding its first genera