Police say charges looming over street brawl at mall Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved Video

Police say charges looming over street brawl at mall Copyright by KOIN – All rights reserved Video

AUSTIN (KOIN) — Three people have been arrested in connection with a violent brawl involving mall security guards at Texas A&M University after a fight led to several shots.

The arrests come as university police are investigating a separate brawl at the mall on Tuesday.

Tensions were running high as the group of five men confronted security guards trying to prevent them from entering the store.

A group of about 10 people stood outside and continued to confront security guards while the video below shows the brawl starting around the 30-second mark:

The video was posted to YouTube by Tressa Gail, a Texas A&M student. She says after the video went viral she and her friends got involved in the ongoing fight.

“You would think with all of these people that are involved and it got so out of hand it was kind of a really hard fight,” Gail said.

The라이브 바카라 five security XO 카지노guards with the group began to fight with about eight other people.

According to police statements, four of the five people who were outside got up and began kicking and punching each other. Two of the security guards in the video tried to grab one of the attacking men and were trying to hold him down with their arms.

Another security guard, who was inside the store at the time, said one security guard attacked another guard with a knife and took him inside the store.

Officers eventually arrived at the scene and pulled the group of people inside the mall away from the store with a baton. They later found the others fighting outside, including one man who was injured in the 제주안마melee. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery for a broken jaw. Police were still attempting to identify the injured man’s injuries when he turned himself in. The other security guard who tried to hold the bleeding man down was knocked down from the rooftop and arrested.

While the video’s caption describes the brawl as “all over the place,” it’s not clear whether that’s what actually happened. There are many other videos on the Internet, including the video below, in which the crowd starts attacking a guard.

A spokesman for Texas A&M University said security guards were ordered outside of the mall, along with mall employees, and some individuals were arrested on Tuesday.

“The video of this situation on a crowded night clearly depicts the violence of the situation,” said Robert Stoner with the university.