just think he (Rockliff) made it impossible for the

Hard when a player tries to duck underneath a tackle not to make some sort of high contact.this a high tackle when they duck like that? Melbourne great David King said got to pay it, you got to challenge the tackler to be perfect but Dunstall disagreed.a bloke ducks his head right down like that, how can you be perfect? What hope of you got? he said.just think he (Rockliff) made it impossible for the tackler not to get him high. He ducked the head and went at him, trying to get underneath him.just not sure what we expect a tackler to do in that circumstance. But this time, Dunstall suggested the onus was on Wines to get lower.Fellow commentator Mark Ricciuto said Williams his shoulder cleverly and Dunstall agreed, saying it was the tackler responsibility to lower his approach.missed a few tackles tonight, Port.

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