Elon musks bfr rocket fleet talk in adelaide for 20th anniversary event, Elon said

Elon musks bfr rocket fleet talk in adelaide for 20th anniversary event, Elon said

“The next step would be to start building up our first commercial crew facility in Houston,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “The key, I think, is getting a launch window where we can get to all three of those objectives.”

For the first stage to be ready for launch, SpaceX will need to be able to bring its own propellant on-board, but Musk said on Monday that this is less of a challenge now.

“We can get all those things as well,” he said on stage. “The problem is the infrastructure and the resources to do it all.

“If you’ve heard that I’m not g제주출장안마oing to start building a new city just for the SpaceX rocket fleet and you haven’t, it’s not entirely true, but we’ve got two. The infrastructure has not come along yet, but if I told you there is a great deal of work that can be done to put in place that type of infrastructure, yes, you do understand that I am not talking about a new city just for the SpaceX engine fleet.”

Musk said he knows that building the first stage for the Falcon 9, the main booster for the Dragon spacecraft, would be challenging, but the main goal of SpaceX is to reduce the cost of launching payloads to the International Space Station as well as making the trip to Mars.

“If we do anything about울산안마 that in the next 25 years, we’ve got to have a lot of the same character베스트 카지노istics of the Falcon 9 and of the Dragon as well,” he said.

“We need to cut a great deal of that launch costs and for the first stage. It’s not rocket flight that’s changing the industry and I hope by the end of the decade, if it goes into service, maybe I’m the last one on the list and in a couple of years it might have already been used,” he added.

He also said that building reusable rockets was “very, very, very hard” because the parts of them are made in China by third-party manufacturers but “they don’t manufacture them because, as a product, [they are] not cheap at all”.