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On a family Zoom call, I asked my stepdaughters custodia samsung t380 how they were getting along custodia samsung galaxy a8 2018 with their fourth house(s). I’d taught them the basics of astrology when they were teens, hence, these fun conversations. The fourth house Sun was baking, reading what she always doesand predictably unruffled by it all. The fourth house Moon was feeling pretty grumpy about the lack of social interaction she’s come to rely upon for her happiness. The empty fourth house (Libra cusp) got confused by the question and waited for the others to answer :). I suggested this period of time was a good one for observing how well one’s fourth house is functioning/doing. A sort of litmus test for rest, if you will.

No matter what is or is not in your fourth house, THE instant way to know how your fourth house is doing is to simply ask, Have I enjoyed being at home more During this prolonged time spent inside, do I feel custodia samsung a5 2016 a libro cover samsung galaxy j3 2016 minions at home in myself Or has this period made me feel incredibly anxious, nervous, twitchy and uncomfortable

If this time has made you twitchy, have you become aware of deeper sources of that twitch

If you are still feeling twitchy, I suggest reading this very powerful article by Tara Mohr called Resistance to Rest. We are so conditioned by culture to be and custodia in pelle per samsung note 3 neo stay busy that it can be custodia samsung tablet a6 10.1 quite terrifying to exist in this quieter time. The messages we receive about slowing down can cause us to feel we will become irrelevant or extinct if we do.

But the hidden gifts of resting, pausing, especially the taking of custodia smartphone samsung note 2 time to reconnect to your deeper feminine values and truths, are priceless. As Tara powerfully points out: “Perhaps the extent to which our culture aims to keep women from resting is an indicator of how potent our rest would be, how core and tied to our empowerment.”

Likewise, have you connected more deeply to your values, cover samsung sm g360f the things that most matter to you

Are there certain aspects of custodia per smartphone samsung stay at home that are rather nice and, getting “back to normal” won’t feel as good That you perhaps don’t want to change Or you’d custodia libro samsung j5 2017 like to do differently, now that you have taken a breather

Honestly, as things start to hint at reopening, here, I am already starting to miss stay at home.

As a sensitive, it’s about energy wellness. No crowds at the stores, beaches and highways means that I feel better. Less energy generally circulating in the external world keith haring cover samsung makes life a softer experience. I feel better custodia samsung s4 mini a libro when cooking my own food, so the fact that my partner often wants to go out to eat and we no longer can has been very nice.

I’ve also liked the fact that my partner hasn’t been able to travel. No travel custodia silicone samsung s8 plus means for him that I haven’t been subject to getting sick not just by corona, but by the typical colds and flu I get when he comes back from the mainland. For him, no travel has meant he’s kwmobile cover samsung been less exhausted, and gets to custodia samsung tablet s2 9.7 enjoy the island living, more. No visitors at our house has meant I feel better, too. Last Thanksgiving, every single family member who traveled here got sick and so did I. We’ve been talking about all of this, and this time period is really driving points “home”, so to speak. He wants to change how much he travels. I want to change how much, and exactly how, everyone travels! Some of this, to me, has to do with the way airlines have greedily made policies to pack people into very small, tight, spaces. And there are harsh financial penalties for last minute cancellations, which means if you’re sick you travel anyhow. Yuck.

Those who have a hard time with stay at home often have difficulty cover samsung galaxy s3 neo con brillantini simply being with their self. Being inward, custodia cellulare samsung a5 2016 sitting with discomfort, boredom, feeling the full spectrum of feelings that come up, allowing them to arise and then deepen into presence, requires external quieting. A quiet those who prefer distraction are not comfortable with.

Distraction is the real pandemic; it social distances us from our deeper connection to our self, our Source, our Divinity, which is the only real and lasting feeling of connection that any of us will ever have. We’ve needed to quiet custodia samsung galaxy cover samsung s7 edge star wars s9 plus and slow (way) down to discover where we’ve been living under false conditioning, to live by what we deeply value (by the way, this is the prologue and thesis, essentially, of my book Follow the Moonlit Path).

Perhaps we’ve needed custodia galaxy s3 neo samsung something this dramatic to pull our external tenth house focus on ambition, success and all the conditioning of our social survival as human animals back into a more personal understanding of what matters, to us. To even begin to lead from a more connected, True, place, we must bring our attention and focus back on the “inside”to our literal interiors of our domestic life, home, inner psyche, creative solitude.

So: how’s life in your fourth house How integrated are you with the introverted, reflective, domestic, feminine, inward, solitary, creative, imaginative and quieter ways of being and behaviors that your fourth house asks of you Your relationship to your innermost self has certainly become clearer for you over this time period. This is custodia per samsung smart tv a time of important fourth house work. The self knowledge arising from this period can only benefit you, and all of us…