CranfordProposed plan: Five days a week

Then, the rest of the elementary students will arrive for a similar afternoon session. The students will get an additional 1 1/2 hours of virtual learning at home. The plan doesn’t apply to middle and high school students who will split into two groups and go to class on alternating days for five hours a day.CranfordProposed plan: Five days a week, half days (elementary students only)How they’re doing it: The 3,850 student suburban Union County district proposed a plan for elementary students to go to class five days a week for a half day with no lunch or recess and some remote learning in the afternoon.

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“Cornell has always been a special place to me, and due to COVID 19, our journey this year was unfortunately cut short,” Teat said in a release. “Thankfully, I have been given another opportunity to compete for a national championship with this program, and that is something I just couldn’t turn down. With that said, I am very excited to return to Cornell for the 2021 season.”.

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