Brisbane soldiers farewelled for afghanistan tour by hanging them in a warehouse

Brisbane soldiers farewelled for afghanistan tour by hanging them in a warehouse

Former ASIO agent Mark Thomas is among those to give evidence at royal commission

Brisbane soldier ‘tried to blow up hotel’

The royal commission heard of the suicide pact between the then police commissioner and the commissioner of the AFP in the wake of the Bali Ni슬롯 머신ne tragedy and of the commission’s conclusion there was insufficient evidence to establish whether the commissioner had lied or misquoted police, the chief public prosecutor told the royal commission.

The former Assistant Commissioner Peter Lo구리안마ughlin was questioned by the commission for almost 20 minutes yesterday, and told the commission his “intention was not to lie”.

But the commission will hear testimony from several senior NSW police officers who were questioned last year in relation to the Bali Nine and the decision to send the force into the mountains to detain people.

As part of the inquiry, Mr Loughlin will also hand over documents from a confidential file, which suggests he received an earlier version of a memo that he was given on the night in question in which he says h크레이지 슬롯e had made several phone calls with senior state government ministers.

In response to that memo, which he referred to as a “personal note”, the commission heard, Loughlin was “very concerned about the level of support [police officials] were giving to the commission … when he was the commissioner”.

But he made a series of phone calls with state police chief and police superintendent Shane Patton, who was then his deputy, and the then chief constable Mark Harkins and asked about the matter from the police superintendent, the commission heard.

Loughlin and the two officers interviewed by the commission at the request of the ABC did not object to the interview.

Loughlin’s alleged actions at the Bali Nine inquest were criticised by several state senators but Mr Loughlin denied wrongdoing last year and claimed the allegations were made by a group of conspiracy theorists.

The government has consistently refused to make the commissioner available on the record.

Mr Loughlin was fired from the ASIO in 2001 after it was discovered that he had lied to the commission about his knowledge of the Bali Nine siege.

Police Commissioner Patton also faces allegations of not telling the truth to the commission about his involvement in the investigation into the Bali Nine, including that some aspects of the Bali Nine siege may have been planned after he retired.

The inquiry has heard about a number of other claims, including the claims by